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I'm better at talking about and analyzing stories, so apologies if this seems a bit sloppy. Vision: It's a very nice idea/thought. Two ...

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I really feel like I'm getting better at this critiquing business.

Firstly, I believe this may be my favorite chapter so far. I already told you why I had my doubts about the first chapter, and the second chapter was good but was distinctly lacking in conflict of any serious nature, which made it where it had little weight, even if it was telling a good story. Conflict is the mark of all great stories though, and depending on how you establish and progress it, it can make a story better, or worse.

If a conflict has very little meaning, or is too light, it will be forced to stretch out across the story, making it weaker altogether and harder to believe. Conflict just for the sake of conflict if you will. If a conflict is far too heavy, the end result may be predictable, else it seem forced. If someone killed your best friend out of jealousy, and you do anything other than call the police and get them arrested, that's just poor storytelling. I mean sure there are ways it can be taken, but ultimately it can be broken down into a much simpler and more predictable set of possibilities. What I mean by anything else seeming forced, would be if you took my example above, and made it where the person who's best friend was killed, fell in love with the person who killed said best friend. It wouldn't make sense, it would seem forced, like the author is making a story that just wasn't meant to be.

Vision: Vision still isn't one of my strong suits to talk about. I read this story and it makes me think of confusion and uncertainty. Edd isn't sure if Marie is actually genuine with her affections, and it just unable to show it properly. Or if Marie is simply becoming a poison of a different flavor, still looking to embarrass and humiliate him at any turn, while hiding it behind a new veil of teenage hormones and unconditional attractiveness.

Originality: Once again, this is not a route I have seen taken at all. In most stories, it's a clear cut route, where either Marie did something wrong and is forced to correct it, or Edd did something wrong and is forced to correct it. In your story however, it is seemingly left up to interpretation. Did Marie take things too nonchalantly when she was trying to get with Edd, and simply make it seem like she was still the immature girl that tormented him during his childhood, ...IS Marie still the immature girl that tormented him during his childhood? Or did Edd too hastily make a decision in order to alleviate the pressure off of him, and didn't stop to think about the fact that, maybe, Marie is simply as inexperienced in relationships as he is, and he really just needed to sit down and have a serious talk with her, instead of seemingly expecting her to know all of his concerns and doubts? It's something I don't see very often, maybe not at all, and I truly appreciate and acknowledge that from you.

Technique: Very good use of descriptive terms. I've always thought of Rolf as tall and lanky, and I've always found Lee's voice to sound rather Husky. People putting into words the thoughts that were already in my mind make me smile. It's also a great mark of a story. If I can see the character without actually having seen the character, that means you have painted a picture with words. You have a fairly broad vocabulary, and know how to use it. Sometimes people use them just to sound more intelligent, when in reality the mark of a good story is it's ability to be understood by a broader audience. Of course there will be stories which will inevitably be written by someone who actually talks like that, and thus you will subsequently need to be more intelligent to understand it, but I digress. Also I like the side things making it feel more like it's in the universe of Ed, Edd n Eddy, like Eddy making up schemes in order to make money.

Impact: My mind is racing trying to put together all the ways I think this can go. I feel upset, remorseful, angry, frustrated, and basically everything in between. Marie is being childish, Edd is being presumptuous, misunderstandings are being created, bridges are starting to smolder. I am simply waiting for clarity and satisfaction.

Overall, I'm looking forward to what you are thinking of next.

I really like the conflict and the inclusion of other characters, although I would like a little bit more, get them involved with the story, either via on the side commentary on what they think, like a little paragraph in which we see what the character sees, and their thoughts at the time, or direct injection into it, as in they actually go up and talk to the main character(s) and thus are involved and acknowledged. Even if it's just something as simple as you writing about a character to the side reacting to something happening (laughing, gasping, getting annoyed), I think people will like and appreciate it.

Try out writing from different perspectives. I've noticed a distinct lack of that. Try to get into Marie's head and write about what she is thinking and/or seeing. Do the same with the other Ed's. Write about little observations that Ed and Eddy are making. Write about what the other kids are seeing/thinking. Don't tie it down to one perspective when there are so many to work with. Don't leave your comfort zone though if you don't think it will work out. Write it, then review and see if you are happy with the result.

I think this may be my longest ramble yet.
I'm better at talking about and analyzing stories, so apologies if this seems a bit sloppy.

Vision: It's a very nice idea/thought. Two opposites making at attempt at romance (or as I am seeing it, one making an attempt, and the other seemingly acknowledging him). "Forbidden Love" is a phrase that comes to mind when I look at it, two things that aren't suppose to be together. It's a nice take on the shallow viewpoints of "Good and Bad".

Originality: It's definitely something I have never seen before, or at least something I haven't seen done in this way before. I'm looking at it, and the boy looks like a dead tree, sad and depressing, and the girl looks like a cherry blossom (unsure if that was your intention, but if it was kudos to you), which is usually characterized as bright and happy. A very nice way of illustrating your "vision".

Technique: It's very nice, the beautifully contrasting colors. It's nice that instead of going black and white and a stark contrast, it's instead black/gray and a nice beautiful light pink, which in my opinion is a better contrast for the view you were trying to convey. Black and pink, depressing and happy, dull and bright. These are things that I think of when I look at this art.

Impact: I don't know. At first I was looking at it and feeling creeped out. The way the "boy" looked, the way his arm stretched out, his various tree branches extending in different directions. The way the love letter seems to be dripping blood, like he either wrote it in blood, or the "paper" isn't paper. The more I look at it though, I just feel sad, like he is trying his best to show her that he can be as bright and meaningful as she is, but no matter what he can't show his true emotions because they always hide behind an veil of creepiness.

Art is a beautiful thing where many people can look at it and see completely different things. So I honestly have no idea if any of what I just said was accurate. I digress though, this is honestly a beautiful piece of work.
Alright. Seeing as how you seem to have been working on this for quite some time, I will do my best to give you the most detailed explanation I can give.

The idea of young (either pre-pubescent, or teenagers from what I gather) spies that are working to seemingly save the world is a concept I have seen performed in two different animated shows, Kim-Possible, and Totally Spies. If I were to say which one I thought of the most when I read this, it would probably be Totally Spies, but as long as you don't start using lip-gloss and pocket mirrors as secret spy gadgets, I can say the only similarity is that they both involve a team of three young spy girls.

I don't know what the stars are from what I have read, and that might be a slight problem. If I don't know why I should be hopeful or concerned about whether or not they get these stars, I will spend most of the episode asking myself questions about what the stars are. Sure you gave some fore-shadowing, and some classic vague backstory talk, but for the most part, even after reading through all of this I still don't really know what the score is. Can these stars bring about the apocalypse? Can they potentially save the world?
If I were to make a suggestion, do the classic pre-show monologue. Explain the basic premise and such, who Rena is, what the stars are, what could happen if they fall into the wrong hands, etc... make it brief yet informative.

You took a little while to get all the names out. Looking at this as a script means I have to pretend to only know what is said or described to be on screen. Sasha was a nameless face in her first scene, and there were opportunities you could have said her name, such as when she called Jade, instead of saying "It's Me" you could have said "It's Sasha". Also, you have them talk to the Alejandro by calling him "Alex" or "Al", which isn't a big deal, I know who they are talking to and who he is, but it might be worth at least mentioning his real name once.

Vision: It's a good idea with a good premise, I can see many different ways it can go, and you did a good job of building it up.

Originality: Other than the other shows I said it reminded me of, the idea of spies going to find secret magical objects in order to save the world isn't an idea I have seen very often.

Technique: Basically what I said up above, you have a good idea to work with and did a good job of building it up, but there are some things you can improve. Some things need to be elaborated on or explained a bit more than they are, like why Annabel already had half of a star sitting on her desk. Also some things don't seem to make sense to me, Annabel picked up the two halves, put them in her pocket, and then took them right back out to put them together. Also the three girls walked up to the building where the footsteps led them, the parents answered, and very clearly said they had two daughters, the girls mentioned the red star, and them mom clearly reacted to it, even saying something that hinted that she knew what it was, I don't see how the girls thought it was possible they were at the wrong house, especially considering that they are spies (fairly important ones it seems).

Impact: How should I put this? Like I said above, I don't know what the stars are or why I should care whether or not they retrieve them, so if I perhaps knew a bit more, it might evoke a bit more emotion in me. The scene with Annabel and her sister was fairly well written, it made me feel sad that a girl possibly just watched her sister get swallowed up by the earth. I think you should make me wonder/worry a bit more though. If I were to make another suggestion, add a scene in between Annabel falling in the hole, and finding out that she is fine, so that I worry that she might be injured or in danger, you went right from her falling to her being safe, so any worry I had for her was short lived. Stretch the worry out, tug on my heartstrings.

Overall, it's good. It shows promise, I could definitely get into the story. Just consider what I said.
Alright. First off, you really took my advice to heart it seems, Marie was astoundingly more in-character in this one than in the previous one.

In the previous one Marie wasn't bad, I just felt she could have been better, it seemed like you were taking her too far into a different direction. Like those stories where people take the lazy route and just have Marie say "I was faking it because of my sisters".

I really enjoy the way you took Marie's well known cleverness into account in order to get her and Edd together. Not many people do that, they usually just have her do the constant harassment and then Edd either does something nice for her that gets her to change her attitude (one of my personal favorites), or they have Edd just decide that he has a crush on her and then ask her out or something like that. I'm serious though, that was a very clever maneuver by Marie, it got me really good.

Overall if I were to say anything about the story, it might be that I think you should try and get the other Ed's involved. In these past two chapters you haven't really had any interactions with Ed, or Eddy, which is a lot of the times one of the most enjoyable parts to read. I enjoy seeing how they react to Edd and Marie either being friendly, or in a relationship.

In terms of Vision (or at least my understanding of vision). It seems like you really know what you wanted to write, I don't really know how to explain vision. If someone wants to write something they write it. If they are a good writer it comes out clearer than if they are a bad writer, so from what I read, it seems like you have good vision.

Originality is kind of unfair when you are talking about fanfiction, especially when you are talking about pairings. There will always be fairly vague similarity between stories which solely focus on two people from a show being paired together.

Your Technique is honestly spot on. You know how to fill the story with meaningful thoughts and moments, rather than pointless fluff that people add in order to get an increased word count.

The Impact it had on me... As I said earlier, you really got me good with that clever trick that Marie pulled. It made me giddy (as in childishly excited) when I read it. It made me feel like I wanted to read more, and I was "on the edge of my seat" when they were about to kiss.

Not sure if you are planning to go further with this. There are directions this story can go, and while I usually enjoy Edd and Marie slowly evolving throughout a story, and then becoming a couple. I think I can appreciate a story based around them dating (with maybe a couple conflicts thrown in).

Also, thanks for the low-key credit. I really enjoy when people appreciate constructive criticism, or in some cases, thoughtful praising.

All rambling finally finished. Very good story, and I am looking forward to seeing more from you (and maybe exploring some of your other stories).


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